Negative Energy

Why do (certain) people try to hurt  others? Do people not believe in Karma?  I do.  Why is it so easy to waste time trying to hurt someone?  Especially when it’s so time consuming.

It’s sad  when you think about it really.  It doesn’t take any energy to smile and be a happy person.  However, it takes a lot of energy to create chaos.  One clear thing about chaos is there’s nothing positive about it.  It’s the devil’s playground.  Full of hurt, evilness, filth, suffering, bitterness every  negative injustice that could be thought of.

I feel sad for people like this, their soul is lost.  Their conscious is gone… buried…lost.

What a lonely world they must have that excludes happiness.  No room for positive things what-so-ever.

Peace, Love, Happiness

That why I say that, like that.



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