The Destruction of the Black Man

In, Michael C. Ruppert writes an article in ’99 entitled, “Blacks Were Targeted for CIA Cocaine It Can Be Proven.”  This article sets truth to understanding about the commitments to destroy the black community; that is often sentenced on the black and brown community.

Towards the beginning of his piece he states, “Leaving the unsupportable arguments aside, is there a supportable case that CIA directly intended for African-Americans to receive the cocaine which it knew would be turned into crack cocaine and which it knew would prove so addictive as to destroy entire communities? The answer is absolutely, yes.”

Hilary Hanson reported “Nixon Aide Reportedly Admitted Drug War Was Meant to Target Black People”.


So we know of the many obstacles that have been compiled to disenfranchise the black community.  The Prison Pipeline, as reported by, Carla Amurao on “Travis Smiley Reports” Carla Amurao worte an article entitled “Fact Sheet: How Bad Is the School-to-Prison Pipeline?”


Amurao’s fact sheet shows that the greater damages were done to the African American community, from suspension and expulsion to incarceration.

Then you add in the equation of African American families that are divided.

You begin to see the complexity of the situation.

It’s almost like a domino effect.  The community is barely surviving.

So it’s not something that is whispered in the ear of the elitist, it’s something that society has accepted for far too long.  The destruction of a whole race of people; without ever declaring a war against them, publicly.

This is why as black people, we must hold the flag of our people, so that our people can receive the determination needed to demand that this racist system is changed.  So that we as a race can say, “not one more”.  Not just in America, but throughout the world where black and brown people are being depleted.

We must demand our own education, our own representatives, and our own financial stability.  So that we might achieve the same success that so many other nationalities have been afforded; and yet and in still, have not fought obstacles such as the ones against the black community.


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